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Terms And Conditions

Limitation and Release of Liability:

While different efforts are being made to ensure the information offered on this website is accurate, it is liable that such information may change with the passage of time. Benyar watches have the complete rights to change the information without any notice or alert.
In any case of mistake admitted by supplier or the site controller while altering the details products, photographs, specifications, prices, and package content. Benyar.co has the complete freedom to change the incorrect details (if any) without any alert or notification. Benyar.co will not be responsible for any damage, theft or loss that may be incurred by a person acting in reliance upon the incorrect information.


All the placed orders on this website are subject to acceptance and confirmation by Benyar.co
Within 24 working hours, our sales representative will contact you either via email or phone call to confirm your availability, date of delivery and address. Your order is only placed once you’ve received the confirmation phone call.


Benyar.co will deliver the needed product or goods at the specified address, subject to their availability.
Color Difference:
Colors appeared on the screen may not be exact same in the original form
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All the customers and clients will be subscribed to our system of newsletter until manually unsubscribed using the link in email.